Water is existence; the essence of everything. It was out of water which everything was created, and without it, all would cease to exist. As an Egyptian artist, I tried to visualize my home without its heart, the Nile. The great river was the root of one of the first nation in history, the Ancient Egyptians, who lived and farmed along the Nile. A Greek Philosopher, Herodotus, once said that Egypt is the “gift of the Nile”. Egyptian civilization depends solely on the resources this river generously provides, without which Egypt would simply be another desert. This is not only the case for Egypt, the river continues to flow through nine different countries. In 2012 Ethiopia began working on a new project; the Renaissance Dam. The creation of this dam cuts the water flow by nearly fifty percent, and that alone can deprive Egypt of its primary source of water, which in turn has detrimental consequences. When countries decide to interrupt the natural flow of the river for their own growth, a conflict is bound to arise. Throughout my photographs, I attempt to transform the political issue into a love story and illustrate how I believe this conflict will end if peace is not restored.